The Whispers (ABC) review


As much as I love this show, it is starting slowly grate on me. After catching up on the past three episodes*, I found my shaking my head or simply scratching it in confusion at its writing.  It is definitely now in the running with The Following for most incompetent and illogical FBI agents of all time.
For instance, it was established fairly early on in the series that every character in the show is basically aware that children were being manipulated by Drill. However, they all act like they keep forgetting this fact for no conceivable reason whatsoever. Hell, one of the FBI agents goes to find the children’s wing of a hospital they are protecting someone in, to be sure there are no kids running around…but then instantly forgets about it all and ignores a child who gets in the elevator with him (in the creepiest homemade kid mask ever). Which, of course, leads to another kid killing the person they are trying to protect.
On top of that, the government comes into possession of a large, mysterious rock that they know is vitally important to Drill and that he wants to get to it at all cost. They also know that Drill can only travel by electricity and signals (power lines, telephone lines, cell phones, etc)…so do you think they hide the rock in some secret location that is completely off the grid? Of course not…It’s practically downtown in a large warehouse that’s damn near in the center of the city’s power grid and that about anyone can walk into just by saying they know someone who works there. Oh, it’s also so “secret” that the President himself can roll up to it in his official limousine. *sigh*
Beyond the writers making the agents and officials incompetent and making illogical decisions for no reason whatsoever, I actually do like the show. Making the cute kids seem menacingly creepy is very effective in creating an uneasy tension in every episode.  The mystery leading up to what Drill is, what he wants, and what he’s doing has also been very well done. I’m not sure, however, if I am too keen on the idea of their being multiple Drills over the decades here on Earth.  It leaves open some mighty large plot holes. But I’m willing to keep watching and see if they plug those holes with good reasoning and storytelling.
What concerns me is that ABC has been sitting on the fence about renewing it or not, which has led to the cast’s options expiring. The two main characters, played by Lily Rabe and Milo Ventimiglia, have already pretty much moved on to other shows. This also makes me feel as if they will write an open-ended cliffhanger for the season finale that will never be followed up on, much like Invasion and Surface both did.
All in all, if you can put aside the incompetent behavior and decisions by the agents, I recommend the show. It has a good sense of creepiness and mystery about it, and is mostly done well enough to keep you interested in learning exactly what is going on. But beware that you may never get an answer.

*As of this past Sunday, when I binge watched on Hulu.

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